Borcam is the brand name for heat resistant ovenware products of Paşabahçe, the first glass factory of Turkey founded in 1935. Manufactured from borosilicate glass, it is one of the most hygienic kitchenware you can use. If the usage and cleaning instructions are followed carefully, Borcams are highly scratch resistant and maintain their hygienic and transparent properties as throughout their service life. Being heat resistant they can safely be used on gas stoves with a heat diffuser; in ovens and microwave ovens, glass-ceramic stoves. Covering a wide range of uses from the preparation to cooking of the meal, serving and storing in refrigerator and deep freezer; Borcams present a versatile functionality.

- With its clarity and transparency Borcam assures you to see your food during preparing, cooking, serving and storing.
- Considering the direct contact with food, Borcam is one of the safest options you can use in your kitchen.
- Borcam is suitable for cooking and serving all types of food from desserts to meals.
- It can be used in ovens and microwave ovens, on ceramic stoves, and gas stoves with heat diffuser. Meals cooked in Borcam can be served in the same ware in a stylish and elegant fashion.
- It is easily cleaned.Borcam ovenware can be hand washed or cleaned in the dishwasher.

The double and triple sets of Borcam ovenware are perfect and elegant presents for your friends. Also engraved round Borcam casseroles with lids, like 59303, 59323, 59103, 59093 and 59073 models are adorable gifts.

Although due to their special glass composition and tempering process, Borcams exhibit higher durability compared to other glassware; they are also prone to fracturing if dropped from a height or if exposed to severe impacts. Nevertheless, if you follow the cleaning and usage instructions, your Borcam will endure over years.

You can use your older Borcams for cooking as well. Here, what is more important than the age of your Borcam is the physical comdition and presence of damages on your products such as scratches, cracks, fractures etc. We strongly recommend you not to use your damaged Borcams for any purpose, including service and storage; replace it with a brand new one.

Yes, you can use each and every Borcam product in the microwave oven, but you should use it without the lid.

All Borcams are suitable for table service, serving hot or cold meals directly from the oven or from the refrigerator. If you wish to impress your guests with freshly colorful appearances of your salads you can use the Borcam models 59114, 59714 and 59784 and we suggest that you use Borcam cake pans as salad bowls.

Borcams can be used on glass-ceramic stoves and on gas stoves with “heat diffusers”. We strongly recommend you to avoid sudden temperature changes when you are using Borcam on stoves. If you take your Borcam out of the refrigerator or deep freezer wait until it reaches the room temperature and start cooking on a moderate temperature and gradually increase the heating if necessary.

Yes, the entire Borcam product range is suitable for usage in deep freezers.

We strongly recommend that you wait until Borcam reaches the room temperature after taking it out of the refrigerator or deep freezer to place on a heat source.

Yes, you can safely clean Borcams in the dishwasher.

We do not recommend cutting directly on the glass surface. You can scratch the product and such damage will degrade its aesthetic appearance as well as its durability.

Yes, please use a dry fabric to hold Borcam when it is hot. Avoid contact with damp clothes and do not let water spatter on its surface. Do not place a heated Borcam on a wet and cold surface. We recommend you to place your Borcam on a dry cloth or a pad after taking it out of the oven, microwave oven, refrigerator or deep freezer, to avoid contact with objects of high temperature differences (Δt = 230°) .

If you want to enjoy the convenience of your Borcam for a prolonged term, we recommend that you follow usage and cleaning instructions. Cooking in oven: Borcam can be safely used for cooking in any type of oven.
Cooking on a gas stove: Do not use your Borcam directly on a gas stove. However, you can use it with a flame distributor; you can cook directly on glass-ceramic stoves just like metal casseroles. Place your Borcam on a moderately adjusted stove and gradually increase the heat if necessary. Cooking in microwave oven: Borcam is suitable for use in microwave ovens without the lid.
Avoid sudden and severe temperature changes (Δt = 230°). Wait until its temperature is equalized with room temperature before placing in the oven or the refrigerator.
Hold it with a dry cloth when it is hot. Do not use damp clothes, do not let water spatter on its surface. Do not pour a cold liquid on heated Borcam or a hot liquid on a chilled one.
Do not use abrasive cleaners like metal scouring pads, powder detergents etc. for cleaning.
For hand washing the glassware, we recommend you to use cleaning sponges specifically produced for glassware which are usually distinguished by their blue scrubbing pad. All Borcams can be cleaned in dishwasher.

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